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By making a donation, you are directly impacting the lives of individuals who are or were suffering from organ failure. Your donations go towards our SLDO Assist program where we give financial assistance straight to those in need. To see some of the great word we have done, please visit our SLDO Assist page. SLDO will also raise funds to provide financial support for those involved in the organ donation or organ transplant process, organ transplant surgery, or ongoing medical treatment. SLDO is a Gold Coast based charity raising money and awareness for Organ Donation. Donate today to help save up to 8 lives!

Donation Options

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Tier One

$ 100
  • Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.
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Tier Two

$ 500
  • By donating $500, we will be 1/3rd of the way towards giving a SLDO Assist grant.
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Tier Three

$ 1500
  • We will give a SLDO Assist grant to a recipient in your honour. You are welcome to participate in the grant giving process and meet the recipient.
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