Winter Warming: Round #1 and #2

As the cold snap hit the city this week, the team at Save Lives Donate Organs began spreading some much needed warmth around the wards of Robina Hospital and the Gold Coast University Hospital, handing out our Winter Warmer Packs to renal dialysis patients.

After months of work and effort putting these packs together with the help of the Gold Coast community, it was an incredibly rewarding experience to see the surprise and humility of the patients, whose day to day lives living on dialysis can be mind-numbing and often lonely.

It was a great chance to have a chat to them about what we are doing atSave Lives Donate Organs, why we have set up the charity and share a laugh as they put on a beanie and some mittens, and a smile at the thought of a hot Zarraffas coffee .

After doing the rounds at Robina, on our way back past one patient, Beverley, she yelled out to say her dialysis hand – which she always had wrapped up in a towel – was feeling much warmer with a mitten on. She hadn’t thought of wearing a mitten before.

Bretto employed the services of a spare wheelchair to help run the packs around at the Gold Coast Hospital – as a patient himself he took a bit of liberty on that one. But the experience of meeting other patients gave him the opportunity to not only talk to them about his own situation but theirs as well – finding out what their needs are and how SLDO could help further in the future through our cause.

With 125 packs made up and 4 shifts per week at each hospital, the journey continues this week as we reach more patients and give them a little Winter Warmer. It couldn’t come at a better time with the average Gold Coaster shivering at the thought of 10 degree mornings!

A huge thank you to all the staff at Robina Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospital renal wards for encouraging our efforts, and enthusiastically jumping on board to help us in every

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